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Welcome to Velvet Room website, which offers cuddle services to its clients. The following disclaimer is provided to inform you of the legal limitations and responsibilities that come with using our services.

  1. Legal Limitations: The Company does not condone or participate in any illegal activities. It is our policy to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Our services are limited to the lawful provision of cuddle services between two consenting adults.

  2. Consent: By using our services, you acknowledge that you are consenting to engage in cuddling with another consenting adult. We will not accept any clients who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and we reserve the right to terminate any session if we suspect any non-consensual or inappropriate behavior.

  3. Responsibility: Our company and contractors will not be held liable for any actions taken by clients during the course of the cuddle session. Clients are solely responsible for their actions and interactions with the contractors. We cannot be held responsible for any injury, damage, or loss that may occur during the session.

  4. Confidentiality: We respect the privacy of our clients and contractors. We will not disclose any personal information or details of the cuddle session to any third party, except as required by law.

  5. Age Restrictions: Our services are only available to clients who are 18 years of age or older. We reserve the right to verify the age of our clients before accepting any bookings.

By using our services, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions set forth in this website disclaimer. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us before using our services.

Velvet Room reserves the right to modify this disclaimer at any time without prior notice. It is your responsibility to check for any updates or changes to this disclaimer before using our services.

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